This moulder is a cut above the competition

Explore the key benefits and advantages of the Powermat 700 EAGLE special edition. Faster, easier, scalable, and more precise: The Powermat 700 EAGLE opens up previously unimaginable possibilities for small businesses manufacturing moulding. Browse through the below concrete advantages this automated moulder solution can provide.

Excellent Operating

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

The Powermat 700 EAGLE makes the frustration of planning and profiling a thing of the past. All the necessary settings can be configured from the front of the moulder. The interior of the machine containing the planing and profiling heads offers optimal and safe accessibility. Together, this offers maximum operating comfort, complete safety, and a huge time savings.

High level of
repeatable precision

A precise profile each time every time.

Every profile requires a unique set-up, though with the Powermat 700 EAGLE setting are stored so that you can use them again and again, quickly, easily, and efficiently. This greatly mitigates the risk of production error and makes set-up of the moulder a quick operation.

Surface Quality

WEINIG’s glass-like standard

Starting from the cast-iron frame of the machine, every part of this moulder is geared toward milling precise, glass-like finish, profiles. Manufactured in Germany, the moulder boasts low-wear and low-vibration machining which is typical throughout the WEINIG line.

Looking to sharpen your profile in the industry, expand your operation to meet growing demands, or just find a partner to give you honest technical advice? Contact your local WEINIG partner to talk about flexible and scalable solutions for your company. WEINIG offers more.


Four-sided profiling and planing within a single work cycle

More output in less time

In contrast to manual individual machines such as jointers, planers, and shapers, the Powermat 700 EAGLE allows you to plane and profile all four sides of your work-piece in a single pass. Thanks to high ease of operation and smart technology, the set-up times for dimensional and profile changes are significantly shorter with this moulder.

Attainable investment and attractive financing options

Special Model Pricing Available

With a perfect entry level model and price point, WEINIG quality is obtainable for most small to medium-sized shops. Visit the pricing and configuration page to obtain your pricing today.

Find the right configuration of the Powermat 700 EAGLE for your production requirements, including pricing and financing options.

Pricing & Configurations

The Powermat 700 EAGLE
The Ultimate Moulder Solution.