Easy to operate, hard to beat:
The Powermat 700 EAGLE special edition

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The Powermat 700 EAGLE comes in various configurations that are tailored to different types of moulding and millwork shops. Find the optimal configuration and obtain pricing by simply answering the below questions.

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Which spindle arrangement fits your requirements?

What level of performance should your moulder offer?

Do you need a “smart connection” to your tool grinding operation?

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If you don’t think the Powermat 700 EAGLE is the right fit for you, browse the entire Profiling catalog offered by WEINIG.


Technical Details

  • Working height: 10 - 160 mm
  • Working width: 20 - 230 mm
  • Frequency-controlled feed up to 40 m/min
  • Speed: 7,000 to 8,000 rpm
  • Motor ratings: 5.5/ 7.5/ -/ 5.5/ 5.5 kW ​​​
  • Comfort Set operating concept
  • Memory Plus or PowerCom
  • Electronic digital displays for spindle positioning
  • 2.0 m straightening table
  • Original WEINIG tools ​​​​​​

Find the right configuration of the Powermat 700 EAGLE for your production requirements, including pricing and financing options.

Pricing & Configurations

* Compared to the conventional moulder with 6,000 rpm

The Powermat 700 EAGLE
The Ultimate Moulder Solution.